994 Amsterdam Avenue (Corner of 109 St)

Chander has been in the neighborhood for 32 years and has helped create Bloomingdale “a restaurant row” along with his partner Ivan by running Roti Roll Bombay Frankie. Since 2004 when the store opened, Roti Roll has gained an immense customer base at Columbia and Barnard.

“There was one similar downtown near NYU. When we opened, we gave ‘bragging rights’ to Columbia as in ‘now we got our own.’”


What kind of cuisine is featured?
Roti Rolls are from Northern India, specifically Banjab. Roti Roll’s Bombay-style frankies are made with exact, measured ingredient quantities. They are hot and spicy rolls made of whole wheat flat bread and filled with anything from mixed veggies to lamb meat.

What makes Roti Roll special?
Comfort food: The idea behind roti rolls is to provide quick, easy comfort food. As Chander says, “there is no pretentions as such. It’s simple good food.”
Late night: Roti Roll opens at 11am and closes at 3am on weekdays and 4am on weekends. The hours provide for a perfect late night snack!
Perfect for tomorrow: Roti rolls are sold in singles or two’s. If one is too much, save the other for later! Throw it in the microwave, and it tastes as good as yesterday!
Perfect for on-the run: Roti rolls and even appetizers such as the hot aloo fries or chicken lollipops are easy to eat when chased by time and on-the run!
SPICY: As traditional Northern Indian food, all roti rolls have a hint of spiciness. If the spiciness is not enough, they will make it spicier upon request!

What is popular on the menu?
Aloo gobi muttar frankie (potato filling)
Chicken malai frankie (spicy mayo sauce)
Hot aloo fries (spicy home-cut fries)

How much does a typical meal cost?
Typically 2 roti rolls cost about $10.

Roti Roll Bombay Frankie
994 Amsterdam Ave (109th)
(212) 666-1500

feature by: Seungmin (Helen) Lee

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