975 Columbus Ave (108 St.)

Having ran Zanny’s cafe for the past 8 years, Julia – the owner – has created a true neighborhood cafe in which she can confidently claim, “I know just about everyone”. She offers, “Good food. Good quality. And Good prices.”

“A Columbia law student – a regular at the cafe – says ‘I come here regularly. It’s just perfect: great atmosphere, great service. I feel like a family here. The library gets stressful, and the cafe is a comforting place to study. The service is what makes this a great place – it’s so welcoming.'”

What kind of cuisine is featured?
Zanny’s cafe sells perfect breakfast and lunch options with an extensive menu that includes espresso drinks, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and pastries.

What makes the restaurant special?
Freshness: Unlike typical cafes, all sandwiches and wraps are made-to-order. All sandwiches are panini-grilled. This makes for fresh, healthy, warm, tasty food!
Great Environment: Zanny’s Cafe is popular to neighborhood residents for small talk and meetings, to middle school students and teachers for before school breakfast and coffee, and to Columbia students for studying!
Mexican flair: Zanny’s sandwiches and wraps have salsa and mayo creating a Mexican flair. And of course, they will make it spicier upon request!
Vegetarian options: Zanny’s have salads, pastries, and vegetarian sandwiches/wraps! They have the perfect option for everyone.
Great Prices: From $1.75 coffees to $8 lunch deals (includes a wrap and a side of chips or salad), Zanny’s prices are hard to beat!

What is popular on the menu?
Jalisco Wrap (bacon, avocado, eggs)
Hot chocolate (made of high quality dark chocolate wafers instead of a powder mix)
Chicken quesadilla

Zanny’s Cafe
975 Columbus Ave (108th)
(212) 316-6849

feature by: Seungmin (Helen) Lee

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