992 Amsterdam Avenue (Corner of 109 St)

Ivan, Chander, and Sudhir had a vision to “offer something no other space offers”, “something for the community”, and “a safe space”. So, in 2005, they started the Suite, a LGBT bar that offers karaoke nights, trivia nights, drag shows, comedy shows, book readings as well as comfort food and drinks. They didn’t want a normal bar and instead planned for a more interactive bar where everyone is welcome regardless of gender, color, or sexuality. It has truly helped bring in more businesses to the neighborhood and has assisted in the development of the neighborhood by being different from the mainstream bars of downtown.

“The Suite has been a staple for the neighborhood since 2005.’”


What kind of cuisine is featured?
The Suite offers all the foods on Roti Rolls’ menu from chicken lollipops to french fries to roti rolls. Alcoholic beverages are also served.

What makes The Suite special?
Interactiveness: The Suite has much more to offer than just food and drinks. It has nightly entertainment (drag and comedy shows) and activities (book readings, trivia, karaoke) to allow for more interaction between the customers.
Variety in Clientele: At the start of the night, the Suite is more of a “home bar” as regular locals and neighbors stop in for a drink on the way home. But as the night goes on, the Suite is filled with a completely different energy as people from other parts of town begin to show up and the younger, artistic generation finds its way to the Suite for a social hangout. The Suite has customers ranging from Columbia University students to visitors from overseas as travelers at the hostel seek the space.
Happy Hour: Happy hour specials are offered 5-10pm daily, including weekends!
Open and Safe Space: More than anything, the identity of the bar rests on the fact that it is an LGBT bar that is aimed at being an open, space space for everyone.

What is popular on the menu?
Chicken lollipops
French Fries
Flavored Vodkas
Fruity Drinks
Daily drink special for $5

The Suite
992 Amsterdam Ave (109th)
(212) 666-1500

feature by: Seungmin (Helen) Lee

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