947 Amsterdam Ave (106-107th street)

Bogalesch didn’t know much about the restaurant business back in 1992 when someone told her that there was a business for sale in Bloomingdale. Every time she came to check on the location, there were no customers.

“But when I came in here, I felt something different. I kind of liked the place.”


What kind of cuisine is featured?

FAwash sells authentic Ethiopian food that could be found near Awash, a river near Bogalesch’s hometown.

What makes Awash special?
Authentic Food:
From dorowat to sambusa, Awash sells authentic Ethiopian food that customers from 80th street, near Central Park, and Columbia University crave!
Awash offers delivery, allowing customers to enjoy the delicious food from the comfort of their homes.
Ethiopian Tradition:
FThe Ethiopian culture exhibited at Awash does not stop at the food. The decoration, the music, the plates, as well as the waitress’s clothing on weekend nights are all of Ethiopian culture. Because love and hospitality are also key values of Ethiopian culture, the workers all demonstrate such character towards their customers!
Vegetarian Options:
Awash has a variety of vegetarian options that is not only healthy but also even more popular than the meat options.

What is popular on the menu?
Vegetarian options such as the vegetarian combo
Dorowat: chicken and onions that are cooked for a whole day
Meat Sambusa
Avocado Salad

Average Cost/Person?: $25-30

947 Amsterdam Ave

feature by: Seungmin (Helen) Lee

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