964 Amsterdam Ave (107-108)

Jane Qui, the owner of Suma Sushi, says,

“I have never done official advertisement.”

Despite this fact, every year, Suma Sushi’s customer base is growing. People come searching for Suma Sushi simply after hearing about the restaurant through word-by-mouth. And having been in Bloomingdale since 2005, Suma Sushi now has a variety of customers as well as a place in the community.


What kind of cuisine is featured?

Suma Sushi specializes in Japanese food.

What makes Suma special?
Lunch Specials:
Suma Sushi is a great option for a quick and reasonably-priced Japanese lunch in between work or school.
Suma Sushi is your ordinary Japanese restaurant with ordinary Japanese food. If you are in the mood for classic dishes, Suma Sushi is the way to go.
Free Delivery:
Delivery within the bounds of 125th St. and 90th St. and 5th Ave. and riverside Dr. is free! Customers can enjoy Suma Sushi’s delicious food from the comfort of their homes.
Acknowledged foods:
Suma Sushi’s food gains its customers solely through word-of-mouth since 2006. The taste and quality of the dishes are verified.

What is popular on the menu?
Godzilla Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll
Shrimp Tempura Roll

Suma Sushi
964 Amsterdam Ave

feature by: Seungmin (Helen) Lee

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