953 Amsterdam Ave (107-108)

Jose Ramirez and his associate first opened Tropical Sensation in August of 2008. Over ten years, the business has transformed into a local, neighborhood, family-run business as now, three generations of the Ramirez runs the restaurant together.

“We have been here for 10 years and hope to stay. We want to stay in this community with the people we know.”

What kind of cuisine is featured?

Tropical Sensation sells sells traditional Dominican food.


What makes Tropical Sensation special?
Quality Control & Freshness:
Tropical Sensation works hard to keep their food fresh. Most dishes are made to order, and nothing is re-cooked. They always have “garlic on hand” as it goes into many traditional Dominican dishes, and they have fresh produce delivered three times a week. The Ramirez’s stress the importance of quality control!.
Great Customer Service:
The Ramirez’s have worked hard to keep their clientele happy with great customer service and their willingness to satisfy customer complaints. Due to such great service, word-of-mouth has continuously increased the number of Tropical Sensation’s customers.
Beautiful Interior:
The ceiling is beautifully painted with birds by a Dominican painter, and the wall decorations were also completed by Dominican artists. The Ramirez’s have tried to represent “as much of the Caribbean as [they] can in [their] design” and use of colors such as yellow and blue.
Tropical Sensation makes their dishes as affordable as much as they can even with the changing economy. Even with the low prices, the portions are generous.
Lunch Specials:
All the lunch special options are affordable and amazing! Try out the ¼ chicken lunch special!
Happy Hour
Tropical Sensation has great happy hour that occurs all day Monday through Thursday and until 8pm from Friday to Sunday.

What is popular on the menu?
Anything fried
Meat dishes
Rice and beans (moro, yellow rice)
Mangu (breakfast: open at 10am)
Paella (with a Dominican twist)

What are popular drinks?
Pina Colada (with rum or Hennessy); made with actual milk, coco, and pineapple in-house
Tropical Passion (cocktail of vodka, passion fruit, mango & pineapple juice)
Rainbow Margarita
Layered Margarita with strawberry, sour apple, and mango flavors

Average price per sitting?
average $15-20/person
Lunch Special also available!

Tropical Sensation
953 Amsterdam Ave
(646) 808-3591

feature by: Seungmin (Helen) Lee

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