914 Columbus Ave (105th st)

Emad shopped for a restaurant location for two years before finally finding the location in Bloomingdale in 2019. He tried to find restaurants in other areas such as Chelsea, but once he found this location,

“everything fell into place”. With the opening of Roasted Masala, Emad brought “true flavors enjoyed by people down in India to Manhattan”.

What kind of cuisine is featured?

Roasted Masala sells authentic Indian food specifically Northern Indian Cuisine.


What makes Tropical Sensation special?
Customer Service:
Roasted Masala deems customer service a top priority to provide for a great experience that draws customers to the comfortable, relaxing restaurant. Due to the great customer experience, locals and students are hearing about the new restaurant!
Roasted Masala sells authentic food from Northern India and plays authentic Indian pop music from Indian radio channels. The interior of the restaurant was also redone to resemble Indian royal décor with high ceilings, chandeliers, and fancy wallpaper.
Luxury without overdoing:
The beautiful décor of Roasted Masala is luxurious with the accentuated high ceilings and gold color, and yet, it is not overdone! This provides for a luxurious and comfortable restaurant experience!
Special Dishes:
Roasted Masala has special unique dishes that cannot be found in other Indian restaurants. These special dishes make the restaurant popular!
Vegan Options:
Roasted Masala not only has vegetarian options, it has a lengthy vegan menu as well!

What is popular on the menu?
Lam Cafreal
Goan Fish Curry
Chicken Xacuti
Dessert – Strawberry Shrikhand

Average price per sitting?

$10 for lunch
$16 for dinner

Roasted Masala
914 Columbus Ave
(917) 388-3586

feature by: Seungmin (Helen) Lee

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